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Skilled Nursing

Our professional nursing staff is committed to providing the best quality of care. Their distinctive set of skills combined with their passion to deliver the best is demonstrated from the feedback of our residents. Each nurse is well-practiced to offer individualized care of the utmost quality.


We offer Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies at Lindsay Gardens Nursing & Rehabilitation. Our therapists work to address every aspect of your rehabilitation.


We understand that pain can massively disturb one’s functioning and can hinder the progress of healing. In this regard, our medical facilities are determined to make all our patients as much pain-free as possible. We incorporate the combination of safe pain medication with other pain management techniques. Our safe selection of pain relievers is based on each individual’s current and past medical and medication history, and the optimum level of analgesia required.


A well-balanced diet promotes healthy functioning, supports normal growth and aging, and reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases. Likewise, it is a highly significant aspect during the post-surgical recovery period which is often overlooked. At Lindsay Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation, we have clinical dietitians as part of our team who works with you, your family, and your healthcare providers to design an individualized diet plan.


We have grown a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere to set the tone for each individual’s stay. Our staff is very supportive, friendly and companionable. We have developed social gathering programs and activities to offer recreational flavors to our residents. In this regard, we have created specialized activities to match the capacity and individualized needs of residents. It has always helped us in giving a powerful and positive impact on their healing process.

Skilled Nursing Care

Alzheimer's Care

We take special care in catering the needs of Alzheimer’s patients. Our nurses offer support while taking all their parameters into consideration such as dementia, mental fogging, irritability, or apprehensions. They establish easy-to-follow routines and visual cues to tackle their needs of declining mental capacity

Restorative Nursing Program

We strive to improve the quality of life for our chronic care-demanding population who require specialized restorative program. Though, this service is charged with room and board fees. The therapy specialists and nursing staff coordinate to develop an individualized treatment regimen for each resident in the areas of:

Diabetes Management

We help patients learn and manage their diabetes within the normal limits with the help of medication, diet and exercise. In addition, we focus on preventing the development of chronic diabetic complications and help patients to handle them, if there is any.

Dietary Program

Our dietary program is designed to meet the dietary requirements of each individual as has been advised by their physician. We employ the approach of intuitive nutrition focusing on fulfilling the micro and macronutrient requirements tailored to their needs.


Our premier rehabilitation services include physical, occupational, and speech therapies. We have world-class therapists as part of our team to help you achieve your mobility goals. From walking with confidence to speaking eloquently, our teams are determined to rebuild your strength and empower you with confidence. We aim to restore the highest possible level of functioning in rehab patients so they can effectively resume their normal activities of life.

Pain Management

We also educate our patients in this regard. Our easy-to-understand information resources are always there to guide them for successful pain management whether it be temporary, acute, or chronic pain as they leave for home.


They put their efforts to make sure that you receive healthy meals fulfilling your bodily needs. We offer an effective dietary program after your surgery in which each nutritional ingredient is selected meticulously. The focus is to strengthen your body systems, boost immunity and to speed up the recovery process.

Our expert dietitians add or cut calories, add substitute food portions for those who have trouble swallowing, and develop dietary plans to achieve the desired fitness goals. In order to co-create and achieve those goals our qualified dietitians collaborate with each resident to know their preferences and fitness objectives. Our dietary programs also cater the needs of malnourishment and trauma patients to support wound care and optimal healing.

We offer a variety of therapeutic diets such as:

  • no added salt
  • cardiac diets
  • controlled carbohydrate diet
  • controlled sugar diets
  • renal diets.

At Lindsay Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation, we are proud of our exclusive dining experience. Residents are served with delicious, nutrient-rich and individualized courses of meals, either in their rooms or in the dining rooms designed to promote healthy ambience.


Each resident is provided a yearly calendar to keep them informed of all the upcoming events (parties, movie nights, musical events, out-door activities, get-togethers, and other celebrations). Their family and friends are always welcomed to visit and attend these events with them.

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